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Eddie and I

״Eddie and I״ is a 6Dof VR adventure where you join Ron, a 7-year-old boy who is hard of hearing, in conquering his fear of camping. As Eddie, a forest-dwelling friendly monster, your mission is to guide Ron through his camping nightmare. But will you be able to overcome the communication gaps, learn sign language and help Ron overcome his fear?


"Eddie and I" uses interactive storytelling and hand-tracking technology to promote empathy, teach sign language in an immersive way and bridge the gap between different individuals. The project requires users to communicate with a hard-of-hearing young boy, the main character, using basic sign language words they learn during the VR experience. The experience exposes users to new perspectives and highlights the power of communication, courage, diversity, and language, acting as a link between the digital and real worlds.


Festivals, grants and awards

״Eddie and I" was has been granted a generous development fund from Meta (Reality Labs) and from the Israeli Makor Film Foundation. The project has been selected to participate in the NewImages Festival in Paris this April and has won the XR Development Market Prize. Following this, the project was invited to the Creators Market in Tribeca in NYC this June and to the upcoming  "La Biennale di Venezia" 80th Venice International Film Festival to the "Venice Production Bridge Immersive”.

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