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Tama is a A.I virtual character that was developed for the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts for a new exhibition called "One of a Kinds", which discusses the concept/phenomenon of NFT, including its relationship with artists-museums, etc.


Tama was designed to answer questions and concerns that museum visitors have regarding the concept of NFT and related topics, and to make these new terms coherent and attainable to the general public, of all ages and backgrounds. Tama's development process included script writing, recording, character design, facial animations, creating a 'smart' development tree, and of course - integrating “artificial intelligence” using deep learning NLP models, which allow the user to naturally interact with her. 

In order to make Tama smart, she went through a process of learning and practicing all the possible questions, phrases, and utterances in the conversation domain. The more visitors talk to Tama, the smarter she will be. 

TAMA was developed Niv Rosonovsky and Maya Shekel sponsored by the Advanced Reality Lab at Reichman University.


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